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How to Increase the size of a Linux LVM by expanding the virtual machine disk

This post will cover how to increase the disk space for a VMware virtual machine running Linux that is using logical volume manager (LVM). Firstly we will be increasing the size of the actual disk on the VMware virtual machine, so at the hardware level – this is the VM’s .vmdk file. Once this is complete we will get into the virtual machine and make the necessary changes through the operating system in order to take advantage of the additional space that has been provided by the hard drive being extended. This will involve creating a new partition with the new space, expanding the volume group and logical group, then finally resizing the file system. (more…)

Sample Standard fierwall with Iptables on Centos/RHD 7

Iptables configuration

# Generated by iptables-save v1.4.21 on Tue Apr 11 16:29:44 2017
:PREROUTING ACCEPT [4746:197868]
:INPUT ACCEPT [4231:166644]
:OUTPUT ACCEPT [927:58735]
:OUTPUT_direct – [0:0]
:POSTROUTING_direct – [0:0]
:POST_public – [0:0] (more…)

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Mail Server, Postfix, Dovecot, webmail: Roundcube, Squiremail

Mail Server, Postfix, Dovecot, webmail: Roundcube, Squiremail

Open vpn server_linux

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Command for Configuration

  1. Install “ openvpn”
  2. Copy “easy-rsa” from “/usr/share/openvpn/easy-rsa” to “/etc/openvpn”
  3. Copy “server.conf” from “/usr/share/doc/packages/openvpn/sample-config-files/server.conf” to “/etc/openvpn/easy-rsa”
  4. Go to /etc/openvpn
  5. Generate the server key


How to Install MariaDB on CentOS 7

MariaDB is a fork of the popular cross-platform MySQL database management system and is considered a full drop-in replacement for MySQL. MariaDB was created by one of MySQL’s originial developers in 2009 after MySQL was acquired by Oracle during the Sun Microsystems merger. Today MariaDB is maintained and developed by the MariaDB Foundation and community contributors with the intention of it remaining GNU GPL software.

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File Share Server, FTP server on Linux SuSE and Windows



How to Install Windows 8 on VMware Workstation

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Install and Configure Ad, DNS, DHCP, File Server On Windows Server and Linux

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